Title: Perception-oriented research on art
Type: audiovisual research monograph
Editors: dr Łukasz Kędziora & prof. ASP, dr hab. Dorota Folga-Januszewska
Publisher: The District Museum in Toruń
Funded by: Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodship Marshal

We are honoured to announce the call for abstracts for an unusual monograph titled Perception-oriented research on art. The unconventional character of the publication results from its form as well as the subject matter. It is going to be the first work on the Polish publishing market focused exclusively on studying art through experimental methods. It will relate to such kind of artistic objects (also art & science) interpretation in which eye-tracking, EEG signal, and brain, statistical or psychological analysis are used. Very important for the monograph will be the articles based on the already completed research – in other words, the texts which benefit from the achievements of physiology of vision, neuroaesthetics, neuromuseology or neuroarthistory. It is also hard to imagine discussion about perception of art without the artists’ participation. For these reasons, the “artistic” voices regarding (e.g.) the usefulness of bio- and neuro-feedback in creating art could constitute a significant part of the publication. Editors of the volume do not set any restrictions concerning the type of art analysis or their chronology.

The publication is going to have the form of a visual monograph – a collection of video recordings (15-20 min). The first kind of records will include scientific articles presented by their authors, and the other one – commissioned interviews with distinguished scholars who use experimental methods in their research. The articles will be reviewed and published by the District Museum in Toruń (also on public portals presenting video materials according to the Open Access Policy). All recordings will be shared with English (or Polish) subtitles. We invite all authors (artists, art historians, curators, museologists, cultural studies researchers, neuroscientists, architects, art conservators etc.) interested in the above-mentioned topics to send their abstracts and bibliographies.

Realisation of recordings
Out of concern for the unified form of the publication, the recordings will be made by editorial staff. The dates and places of recordings will be established individually. There is a possibility to include auxiliary materials to the final work, such as presentations, photos or sketches. The artists should feel free to offer any “artistic” forms of articles as well.

Deadline for abstracts: November 19h 2018
The call results announcement: November 26th 2018
Date of records: will be established for each author individually
Application form: https://goo.gl/forms/2dEqvUsDNpvkHJUI3
Contact: thevisualmonograph@gmail.com, +48 696-687-496
More: http://www.neurohistoriasztuki.umk.pl
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/292060914738934/
Language: we accept abstracts in Polish and English