Workshops on eye-tracking, research practice, using eye-tracking for analysing, “verifying” and creating works of art. The workshops will be divided into two parts. The first one, theoterical, will include discussion about the very technique, its limitations and methodology (pupil recognition systems, algorithms, calibration etc). The participants will be shown some of the already completed research about perception of painting and architecture. The presentation will carry a form of discussion, with any contribution or questions to be very welcome. The second part involves workshop – we will divide into groups and work with the equipment. The workshops will end with a summary and presentation of the participants’ group work results.

equipment: https://docs.pupil-labs.com/#diy
soft: https://github.com/pupil-labs/pupil/releases/tag/v1.11

Workshops on biofeedback in art, especially using such parametres as EEG & EMG signal for analysing, viewing and creating works of art. Similarly to the previous workshops, they will be divided into two parts. First, we will discuss various types of biofeedback, its limitations and research practice, as well as artistic projects using EEG signal recording. The second part will consist of workshop involving group work. Each group will have a task to create an artistic project with the use of EEG recording equipment. The ones more interested in art analysis will have an opportunity to check their relaxation and concentration levels while looking at particular works of art. The workshops will end with presenting and comparing our test results.

equipment: https://store.neurosky.com/pages/mindwave
soft: https://store.neurosky.com/collections/apps