It was a great pleasure for me to take part in the national scientific conference Museotherapy, which pursued the following objectives.

“Museotheraphy” is an annual conference of a group of researchers, practitioners – those who are interested in sociotherapeutic and psychotherapeutic working methods used in museums. During our two-day meeting we take a closer look at the reports provided by educational programmes beneficiaries and various cultural heritage institutions workers.

We will also try to see the work of art from its viewer’s and creator’s perspective, and to capture the changes of our perception occuring at that moment. Thanks to eye-trackers, we will have a chance to “catch” the elusive, as it could seem, records of feelings evoked by particular works of art, as well as to check which works reflect our emotions best”.

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I am very grateful to conference organisers for the invitation and for the perfect preparation of the meeting. The audience, as well as the workshop participants, did not disappoint me either – quite the contrary, I was truly impressed by their curiosity, persistence and knowledge about the problems related to analysing art.

Presentation illustrating the main points of the lecture

Photographs of the workshops by Muzeum Narodowe w Kielcach
The headline photograph::

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