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Nowadays we create and receive a great part of culture (if not most of it) through digital tools. Thanks to the mobile internet and smartphones, we are able to participate in the global exchange of information at practically anytime and anywhere. We’re living immersed in cyberspace, and the digitally mediated culture, where art, science and technology are constantly intermingling, becomes – whether we want it or not – a digital culture -> cyberculture.

That’s why it’s worth taking a closer look at its history, trends, and the most interesting elements. The main theme of our November meeting is going to be biofeedback – the feeding back between organisms and machines – and various ways of using it in art. Our meeting will also include an interview with musician and composer Rafał Zapała, who will tell us about his artistic installation “Sensorium”, using biofeedback: pulse, GSR and EEG sensors.

Artistic projects:

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  2. https://www.artbrain.org/chaoid-gallery/chapter-6-mirror-neurons-and-the-dispositifs-of-social-neuroscience/marina-abramovic-measuring-the-magic-of-mutual-gaze/
  3. http://www.flong.com/archive/projects/eyecode/index.html
  4. https://grahamfink.com/artwork
  5. https://cycling74.com/projects/kephoise
  6. http://www.claudearobles.de/
  7. http://www.suzannedikker.net/art-science-education