This entry might seem a little bit off-topic regarding the website content, yet it is addressed to all those who had a doubtful pleasure to use the Aquarea Smart Cloud CZ-TAW1 adapter. I’ve decided to publish this post after several hours wasted on attempting to connect the adapter to the router (standing right next to it).

Anyone who has spend 500 or 800 (sic!) PLN on the adapter must have quickly found out that the device is nothing but an example of cheap Chinese technology similar to one in former ZTE modems. To make things even worse, the device is simply defective as it’s the only transmitter I know that has no antenna at all. In the face of total helplesness, I decided to modify the adapter at low cost!

FIrst, I removed a wi-fi antenna from an old Asus Eee PC netbook:

If you don’t have an old computer, they are easily available to buy, for instance here:

What you need to do next is just connect it to the adapter board (to be first separated from the main body):

Later, we secure the slot and excess cable:

It’s possible to attach the antenna to the case so that it doesn’t interfere with installing the adapter on the wall.

Having secured the cables properly, we can put the control board inside the case.

For safety reasons, we can put some paper tape around the antenna.

After following these steps, connection to the router takes about 1 minute from restarting the adapter.

Unfortunately, these measures will not improve the antique application itself which has actually nothing to do with being “smart”. As a person who provides and maintains cloud services, I am shocked at how archaic the Panasonic Comfort Cloud application is. If the API proves open, perhaps I will be able to come up with some alternative one day…