I am a well-organised, goal-focused software engineer and scientist. I have a rather unusual set of skills; on the one hand, I defended my PhD thesis in 2018 regarding the usefulness of neuroscience and biofeedback in analysing visual messages (mostly art). On the other hand, I have a three-year experience as a full-stack developer specialising in C#, React and Angular. During this period I have been working for both private and public organisations. The most complex app developed mainly by me is a modular web application for foreign language tutors to manage students, classes, payments, as well as to provide some blog post articles, and advertise various freelance services. My recent experience involved maintaining an advanced cloud financial application and providing high-quality programming solutions in the SaaS model. Every day I develop applications by implementing tasks with the use of proven and new solutions related to .NET Core, React.Js, Azure, Docker, ConfigIt etc. I’m improving my skills (React, C#) and gaining new ones in Docker, cloud solutions and machine learning. I remain an analyst and scientist focused on eye-tracking methodology and usefulness of ML in creating and interpreting art pieces. I am a team player and if I have to, I can be the leader as well, but I really like being a passionate teacher who can describe something really boring in an interesting way. Privately, I’m fond of 3D printing, running, and horse riding.


Here are some technologies which...

I work every day with:
.NET Core, Angular, ASP.NET Identity, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web API, Bootstrap 5, CSS, CSS Flexbox, Dapper, Entity Framework, Jenkins, Linux, MS SQL Server, React.js, Swagger, UNIX Shell Script (Bash), Angular Material, Automapper, DevOps Management, Docker, Git, JavaScript, Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

I was working with and still remember:
Razor Pages, Python, MySQL, Photoshop, Test of Usability and user friendliness, UI/ UX Design, WordPress, GIMP, Oracle VirtualBox

I want to know better:
MongoDB, ML.NET, 3D Design Fusion 360

So far I have cooperated with: