The main idea of the project “Technoscience art – the art on the verge of sciences” is the relationship between selected works of art and sciences. Nowadays, artists seem more and more keen on making use of the achievements of natural sciences in their work. Not only does this interesting interdependence need a wider commentary, but also popularisation. In order to understand this new perspective, we must take steps at all levels of education. The project “Technoscience art” constitutes a series of workshops dedicated to elementary school, middle school and high school students, as well as adults and seniors from the Kuyavian-Pomeranian voivodship. The classes will take place at the Centre of Contemporary Art “Znaki Czasu” in Toruń and at the Faculty of Fine Arts at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. The topic of the classes will be the contemporary art using technology, e.g. bioart, non-anthropocentric art, as well as critical art by Zbigniew Libera, the art of Jackson Pollock, and many more.


“Technoscience art – the art on the verge of sciences” is a project that connects what we commonly understand as humanistic, spiritual, artistic, and what is generally known as natural sciences. This issue seems to be gaining importance, especially if one takes a closer look at the contemporary art that we could actually name technoscience art. Works of such artists like Stelarc, Orlan, or Kac, need a new kind of preparation for receiving art. The new workshop, involving elements of natural sciences, will also help to understand the artists who do not form such a clear relationship with technology, such as Pollock, Libera, Strzemiński, or Zagajewski.

The aim of the project is to increase the creative potential of art school students at elementary, middle and high school level, so that they could understand the need for combining technology and humanities. The project shall also encourage students of nature-profiled schools to art and active participation in cultural life. In order to achieve this goal, the students will be invited to participate in a series of workshops conducted in four thematic blocks: Bioart – the border between humane and inhumane; The art of the Internet and the art of machnes; Neuroarthistory – about the biology of the artist and the viewer; Polish technoscience creators. The plans of the workshops will be adapted to students’ age and interests; the author will depend on such methods like animation, discussion, group work, work at art studios, lecture, audio/video projection, meetings with artists. The element of particular significance are the discussions which help to form opinions and attitudes of social tolerance regarding the issue of body and gender, and will discuss various important topics, such as genetic modifications or the meaning of the Internet.

The project, realised at the Centre of Contemporary Art in Toruń and at the Faculty of Fine Arts at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, is addressed to school students from the Kuyavian-Pomeranian voivodship. The workshops will be carried out during a 12-month period, which is equal to the time of awarding the grant: the first 2 months is the time of organisation and preparation, and the following 10 months constitute the time for the workshops. The integral element of will be an online portal, providing the source of communication, documentation, as well as promotion. “Technoscience art – the art on the verge of sciences” is an original project of a coherent, closed stucture. The aim of the project is, among others, an interactive online publication including a collection of classes plans about the contemporary art.


The main element of the project constitute the workshops organised at the Centre of Contemporary Art “Znaki Czasu” in Toruń. The formula of these interdisciplinary classes includes using various methods of presenting their content, e.g. animation, lecture, group work, film projection. Such way of presentation makes it possible to reach different age groups and consolidate the learning experience. All the classes plans will be prepared on the basis of the curriculum “Art education in elementary, middle, and high school” regarding Cultural studies and Arts. The curriculum will be complemented with knowledge of natural sciences. Some workshops will be carried out on the basis of works of art from the Centre of Contemporary Art collection. Additionally, an online portal will be created, providing an excellent discussion forum and the source of communication. The website will also include all the necessary organisational information, audio/video materials, as well as publications and classes plans.


1. Increasing the creative potential of art school students at all levels of education with the knowledge about art that uses the achievements of natural sciences. The project shall result in their better predispositions to continue art-related education at higher levels. The students of more scientific interests are equally included in the projects, who, by achieving new skills and competences, could be better prepared for active cultural life as adults.
2. Developing the attitude of social tolerance towards problems related to contemporary art. The issues discussed will involve not only the problems of body and corporality, cultural gender and the latest standards of beauty, but also the limits of genetic modifications, the advantages and dangers resulting from the development of sciences.
3. Promotion of the Polish art among students in the light of the workshops’ topic, on the example of regional artists from the Kuyavian-Pomeranian voivodship and the internationally famous Polish artists.



About the project Technoscience art – the art on the verge of sciences (Technoscience art – sztuka na pograniczu nauk) on radio broadcast Śniadanie z Muzami by Polish radio PiK, 3’4+6’55, 10.03.2015 LINK

Project realised as part of a grant programme by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage